Accessory cord

Aramidic core rope

6mm rope with aramidic core and polyamid..

AID Climbing


Telescopic pole with an ingenious hookin..


Textile stirrup composed of four steps


Hook for positioning, progression and ha..


Multi-purpose adjustable stirrup, super ..
Kong Prog


Panic allows an easy catch of the most d..

Resting Fiffi

Ingenious alu alloy hook for belaying, a..
834120300KK Sling Ascender

Sling Ascender

Sling/pedal fitted with buckle for lengt..


SLYDE is an ingenious adjuster for ropes..

Alp Design

Alp Design Taxi


Specially designed harness for rescue do..


Anchor Kit

Anchoring device made of AISI 316 stainl..


Rigging plater with 3 holes, 20mm diamet..


Rigging plater with 4 holes, 20mm diamet..

Aro Sling Dyneema

Dyneema sling ring available in various ..

Aro Sling Tubular

Polyamide sling perfect to make a stopov..

Athos Soft

Soft steel (C40) rock piton
Kong Dancer


Aluminum swivel, prevents ropes from twi..


Piton to be resined used to create ancho..

Porthos Soft

Soft steel (C40) universal rock piton


New high strength 10 hole plate

Rally Bent

New high strength 10 hole plate
Kong Rock


Anchoring kit for mountaineering, climbi..
Kong Snow Anchor

Snow Anchor

Aluminum snow anchor, can be used for a ..


Rigging plater with 3 holes, 20mm diamet..


Chrome-Nickel steel piton, "V" shaped

Athos Hard

Hardened steel (NI-CR) rock piton

Porthos Hard

Hardened steel (NI-CR) universal rock pi..

Anchoring tools

Kong Anchor Fix

Anchor fix

Self-drilling anchor available in two si..

Eagle light

Classic hammer designed for mountaineeri..


Innovative compact stainless steel hamme..


Special adapter that allows you to turn ..


Genius II

Resistant carriage and hauling bag, fitt..


Lightweight and comfortable backpack for..


Bag for carrying ropes and equipment, wi..

Rope Bag

Backpack for carrying ropes and equipmen..


Ultra-light rope bag

Carabiners / Connectors

i-Ovalone Alu Auto Block

Oval aluminum carabiner with large openi..

i-Ovalone Alu Twist Lock

Oval aluminum carabiner with large openi..
Kong Argon S

Argon S

Ultra-compact screw sleeve connector ide..
Kong Ergo Express Sleeve

Ergo express sleeve

Compact and lightweight carabiner, with ..
Ergo Straight Gate

Ergo Straight Gate

Compact and lightweight carabiner, with ..
Kong Frog my 2021


Revolutionary directional connector with..

Guide Bent Gate

Heavy load aluminum carabiner. Designed ..
Kong Guide Straight Gate

Guide Straight Gate

Heavy load aluminum carabiner. Designed ..
Kong HMS Classic Auto Block

HMS Classic Auto Block

Aluminium connector with 3 actions Auto ..

HMS Classic Twist Lock

Aluminium connector with 2 actions Twist..

HMS Napik Screw Sleeve

Aluminium connector HMS with screw sle..
Kong Large Multiuse Auto Block

Large Multiuse Auto Block

Light alloy carabiner with wide opening
Kong Mini D Screw

Mini D Screw

The smallest aluminum carabiner with scr..
Kong Oval Alu Straight Gate

Oval alu straight gate

Oval aluminum carabiner with a circular ..
Kong Oval Steel Straight Gate

Oval steel straight gate

Oval carbon steel carabiner with a circu..
Ovalone Alu Auto Block

Ovalone Alu Auto Block

Aluminum alloy carabiner, oval-shaped wi..
Kong Ovalone Alu Twist Lock

Ovalone Alu Twist Lock

Oval aluminum carabiner with large openi..

Ovalone Screw Sleeve

Oval aluminum carabiner with large openi..
Kong Tango


Aluminum carabiner with double gate safe..

Trapper Bent Gate

Aluminum carabiner designed for sport cl..
Kong Trapper Screw Sleeve

Trapper screw sleeve

Multipurpose aluminum carabiner. Usefull..
Kong Trapper Straight Gate

Trapper straight gate

Aluminum alloy carabiner with straight g..

X-large Alu Straight Gate

Light alloy carabiner with straight gate..

Argon F

Dedicated to those looking for the ultim..

Argon K

Light and compact carabiner fitted with ..

Argon RF

Quickdraw carabiner with curved shape an..

Argon RK

The offset-D shape allow a wider gate op..

Ergo Auto Block

Compact and lightweight carabiner, with ..

Ergo Bent Gate

Compact and lightweight carabiner, with ..

Ergo Screw Sleeve

Ergonomic, compact and lightweight carab..

Ergo Twist Lock

Compact and lightweight carabiner, with ..

Ferrata Auto Block

Aluminum carabiner with 3 movements Auto..

Guide Screw Sleeve

Aluminum carabiner light and high load, ..

HMS Classic Screw Sleeve

Aluminium connector with screw sleeve an..

HMS Napik Auto Block

Aluminium connector HMS with 3 actions A..

HMS Napik Twist Lock

Aluminum connector HMS with 2 actions Tw..

Large Multiuse Screw Sleeve

Light alloy D shape carabiner with strai..

Large Multiuse Straight Gate

Light alloy carabiner with straight gate..

Large Multiuse Twist Lock

Light alloy carabiner with wide opening ..

Oval Alu Classic Screw Sleeve

Oval aluminium carabiner with a circular..

Ovalone Straight Gate

Oval aluminum carabiner with large openi..

X-large Alu Auto Block

Light alloy carabiner with Auto Block sl..

X-large Alu Screw Sleeve

Light alloy wide opening carabiner with ..

X-large Alu Twist Lock

Aluminium carabiner with Twist Lock slee..



Antipot for crampons

Cover for crampons

Cover for 12-poins crampons
Kong Grodel


Small crampons with standard fastening, ..

Lys (Automatic)

Light and compact 12-point steel crampon..

Lys (Semi-Automatic)

Light and compact 12-point steel crampon..

Rutor (Automatic)

Light and compact 10-point aluminum cram..

Rutor (Semi-automatic)

Light and compact 10-point aluminum cram..

Couloir (Automatic)

Crampons with automatic fastening. Best ..

Couloir (Cable Binding)

Crampons with cable-binding fastening. T..

Couloir (Semi - Automatic)

Crampons with semi-automatic fastening. ..


8 Classic

Classic figure of '8' descender, a true ..


Belay and rappel device that works on ..


Innovative three hole rigging plate ce..

Mini 8 S Steel

Compact version of figure '8' descender


Multipurpose hot-forged aluminum plate f..

Dynamic ropes

Tendon Dynamic Ambition 8.2

Dynamic Ambition 8.2

Half rope with 8.2 mm diameter
Tendon Dynamic Master 9.6

Dynamic Master 9.6

Single dynamic rope with 9.6mm diameter

Dynamic Master 9.7

Single dynamic rope with 9.7 mm diameter

Dynamic Master Pro 9.2

Single dynamic rope with 9.2 mm diameter..

Dynamic Smart 9.8

Single dynamic rope with 9.8 mm diameter
Tendon Dynamic Trust 11

Dynamic Trust 11

Dynamic single rope with 11 mm diameter

Generic Items

Chalk bag

Chalk bag for climbing and mountaineerin..
Kong Clack


Innovative magnetic holster for harness,..


Scissors with circular blades for rope c..


Open stainless steel fastener to be clos..


New sling stopper made of ultra-durable ..


Chalk powder for freeclimbing

Magnesia fluid

Fluid magnesia for freeclimbing


Gear holder for mountaineering and climb..

Protection Tape

Adhesive protection tape for hands and f..
Kong Speleo Stair

Speleo Stair

Ladder fitted with two supporting cables..

Tool Leash

Elastic lanyard for attaching work tools


Multifunction tool made ??of light alumi..

Y Tool Leash

Elastic lanyard for Soul ice axe and too..


Alex Gloves

High quality leather gloves with 3 finge..

Pro Air Gloves

Smoother and lighter version with full e..

Pro Gloves

Strong leather gloves conceived for bela..

Skin Gloves

Lightweight gloves conceived for belay a..


Secure Eight II

Chest harness to be used in combination ..


New high quality climbing and mountainee..


Lightweight harness, with 3 adjustable s..


Rescue harness, easy to adjust

Aeron Flex

Revolutionary sport harness with customi..

Aeron Sport

Sport climbing harness with fixed leg lo..


Fullbody harness for children up to 40 k..


Klik Micro

Ultra compact headlamp suggested for use..


Compact and powerful headlamp (up to 120..



Innovative multi-sport helmet certified ..

Kosmos Full

Innovative multi-sport helmet certified ..


Ultralight helmet for climbing and mount..

Mouse Sport

Comfortable and well-ventilated helmet..


Helmet for kids, one size adjustable (48..


Dhino Alpine

Technical mountaineering ice axe. Light ..

Dhino Classic

Classic mountaineering ice axe. Light al..


Kong Tech Finder

Tech Finder

Probe for mountaineering andrescue for ..



Balaclava cap in polypropylene


Mini Twin Evo

Compact aluminum pulley with double whee..
Kong Futura Mini Block

Futura Mini Block

Low friction pulley fitted with integrat..


Aluminum pulley with single wheel, mobil..
Kong Twin


Aluminum pulley with double wheel, mobil..

Extra Roll

Aluminum pulley with single wheel, mobil..

Turbo Roll

Compact and lightweight pulley with fixe..

Quick Links

Quick Link D

"D" shape quick link
Quick Link Oval

Quick Link Oval

Stainless steel 304 or carbon steel oval..

Quick Link Oval Long

Oval stainless steel 316 quick link with..

Quick Link Triangle

Triangular quick link made of stainless ..
Quick Link Trapezium

Quick Link Trapezium

Trapezoidal stainless steel 316 quick li..

Quick Link Asymmetric

Asymmetric carbon steel quick link


Argon KK Quickdraw

High quality quickdraw completely made i..
Ergo Dyneema Quickdraw

Ergo Dyneema Quickdraw

The Express Ergo Dyneema quickdraw is eq..
Kong Frog Quickdraw MY 2021

Frog Quickdraw

Revolutionary directional connector with..

Argon Mix Quickdraw

High quality quickdraw completely made i..

Argon Wire Quickdraw

Ultralight express quickdraw (only 69g!)..

Ergo Anniversary Quickdraw

The Express Ergo Anniversary quickdraw i..

Trapper Anniversary Quickdraw

The Express Trapper Anniversary quickdra..

Rope clamps

Futura Body

Chest ascender, incredibly reduced size ..


Innovative emergency rope clamp conceive..

Futura Foot

Foot ascender available in right and lef..

Futura Hand

A revolutionary rope clamp, the first on..
Kong Lift


Rope clamp for rope access, available in..

Cam Clean

Chest rope clamp specifically conceived ..


Snow Kong Claw

Snow Kong Nylon

Extraordinary patented accessory for off..


Kong Express


Nylon webbing for quickdraws for mountai..

Express Dyneema

Dyneema webbing for quickdraws for mount..

Chain Dyneema

Dyneema multiuse sling for mountaineerin..

Trekking poles


Alu hiking pole fitted with three-sectio..

Trix Carbon

Super light carbon fiber hiking pole, on..