Passion for quality
since 1830

The story of Kong began with Giuseppe Bonaiti almost 200 years ago
in a mechanical workshop at the foot of the Alps

The history of Kong

The origin of Kong began a long time ago, in 1830 in a workshop at the foot of the Alps where Giuseppe Bonaiti gave rise to our story, writing important pages for Made in Italy.

The care to provide maximum protection for human lives, together with the dreams that men will “hang” while climbing peaks, led Bonaiti to export his products and philosophy throughout the world.

His carabiners have become a real fixture for everyone who practices vertical disciplines.

In 1977, the Bonaiti company changed its name to Kong, but its mission remains the same.

“To manufacture safety where risk is the protagonist”

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The stages of history:

  • #01 Origins as Bonaitis
  • #02 The birth of mountaineering
  • #03 The birth of Kong
  • #04 Market expansion strategies
  • #05 Boom years
  • #06 Interesting facts
  • #07 Commercial decentralisation in strategic countries
  • #08 Future strategies
  • #09 Case History, some innovations that became benchmarks
  • #10 Download the book "Kong, 200 years at the top"

Primary working processes

Mechanical and textile processing with the most modern technologies, rigorous controls and tests, Made in Italy approach.

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Quality system

Kong is a company organized with a system of quality management certificate ISO 9001 since 1994.

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European Standards

Our products are certified to the most stringent standards for markets around the world.

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Declarations of conformity

In this page it is possible to download the EU Declaration of Conformity in accordance with the new Regulation (EU) 2016/425 on Personal Protective Equipment.

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