Firebrigades and civil protection

Training & courses

Correct use of PPE L1

Training course on the correct use of Category III PPE for work on height, L1 (8 hours).

Kong complex equipment inspectors L2

Kong training course for inspectors of complex equipment (4 hours).

Kong ppe inspectors L1

Training course for PPE inspection (8 hours).


Kong X-Tension

Everest - X-Tension

Set consisting of 6 webbings to make mor..

Accessory cord

Aramidic core rope

6mm rope with aramidic core and polyamid..

AID Climbing

834120300KK Sling Ascender

Sling Ascender

Sling/pedal fitted with buckle for lengt..

Alp Design


Innovative floating harness designed by ..



Rigging plater with 3 holes, 20mm diamet..


Rigging plater with 4 holes, 20mm diamet..

Aro Sling Dyneema

Dyneema sling ring available in various ..

Aro Sling Tubular

Polyamide sling perfect to make a stopov..


New high strength 10 hole plate

Rally Bent

New high strength 10 hole plate


Rigging plater with 3 holes, 20mm diamet..

Anchoring tools

Kong Anchor Fix

Anchor fix

Self-drilling anchor available in two si..


Innovative compact stainless steel hamme..


Special adapter that allows you to turn ..



Lightweight and comfortable backpack for..


Bag for carrying ropes and equipment, wi..


Rucksack with comfortable padded adjusta..


Rucksack with double lateral D-rings for..

Rope Bag

Backpack for carrying ropes and equipmen..

Talkie Bag

Radio bag to be applied to the harness
Kong Tool Bag

Tool Bag

Small but strong bag for carriage of mat..

Work bag

Rucksack high capacity (50 liters). Made..

Carabiners / Connectors

i-Ovalone Alu Auto Block

Oval aluminum carabiner with large openi..
Kong HMS Classic Auto Block

HMS Classic Auto Block

Aluminium connector with 3 actions Auto ..

HMS Napik Screw Sleeve

Aluminium connector HMS with screw sle..
Ovalone Alu Auto Block

Ovalone Alu Auto Block

Aluminum alloy carabiner, oval-shaped wi..

Ovalone Carbon Screw Sleeve

Carbon steel alloy carabiner, oval-shape..

Ovalone Screw Sleeve

Oval aluminum carabiner with large openi..
Kong Tango


Aluminum carabiner with double gate safe..

Ergo Screw Sleeve

Ergonomic, compact and lightweight carab..

Guide Screw Sleeve

Aluminum carabiner light and high load, ..

HMS Classic Screw Sleeve

Aluminium connector with screw sleeve an..

HMS Napik Auto Block

Aluminium connector HMS with 3 actions A..

HMS Napik Twist Lock

Aluminum connector HMS with 2 actions Tw..

Oval Alu Classic Screw Sleeve

Oval aluminium carabiner with a circular..

Oval steel classic screw sleeve

Oval carbon steel carabiner with a circu..

X-large Alu Screw Sleeve

Light alloy wide opening carabiner with ..



Evacuation triangle for rescue


2-piece harness for dogs

Pegasus - Shoulder straps

The shoulder straps allow the use of eva..


Special harness developed for lifting an..

Generic Items


Scissors with circular blades for rope c..
Kong Speleo Stair

Speleo Stair

Ladder fitted with two supporting cables..

Tool Leash

Elastic lanyard for attaching work tools


Alex Gloves

High quality leather gloves with 3 finge..

Full Gloves

High quality gloves made with suede, Nyl..

Pro Air Gloves

Smoother and lighter version with full e..

Pro Gloves

Strong leather gloves conceived for bela..

Skin Gloves

Lightweight gloves conceived for belay a..



Work and positioning harness, extremely ..


Work harness for rope access and positio..


Special harness for work at height and r..


Special harness with ankle supports that..


Rescue harness, easy to adjust

Target Pro Turbo

Rescue and heli-rescue harness, great al..


Heavy load spacer for harnesses, designe..



Compact and powerful headlamp (up to 120..

Helmets accessories


Noise reduction 3M Peltor® earmuffs

Mouse Plates

Plates for headphones
Kong Visor


Visor for helmet with mounting kit


Rescue Trimmer

System used for a precise positioning du..


Mini Twin Evo

Compact aluminum pulley with double whee..
Kong Futura Mini Block

Futura Mini Block

Low friction pulley fitted with integrat..
Kong Pamir Fast

Pamir Fast

Pulley with aluminum body and double ste..


Aluminum pulley with single wheel, mobil..
Kong Twin


Aluminum pulley with double wheel, mobil..

Block Roll

Single pulley with mobile side plates wi..

Extra Roll

Aluminum pulley with single wheel, mobil..

Turbo Roll

Compact and lightweight pulley with fixe..

Quick Links

Quick Link D

"D" shape quick link

Quick Link Oval Long

Oval stainless steel 316 quick link with..

Quick Link Triangle

Triangular quick link made of stainless ..

Quick Link Asymmetric

Asymmetric carbon steel quick link

Rope clamps

Futura Body

Chest ascender, incredibly reduced size ..

Futura Foot

Foot ascender available in right and lef..

Futura Hand

A revolutionary rope clamp, the first on..
Kong Lift


Rope clamp for rope access, available in..

Cam Clean

Chest rope clamp specifically conceived ..

Ropes accessories


Shrinkable sheath to identify cutted rop..


Rescue Lanyard

Rescue Lanyard

Positioning lanyard for rescue and expos..

Static ropes

Forza 10

Semi-static rope with diameter 10mm, cer..

Forza 10.5

Semi-static rope with diameter 10.5 mm, ..

Forza 11

Semi-static rope with diameter 11 mm, ce..
Tendon Secure 10.5

Secure Static Rope 10.5

Static rope with diameter 10.5 mm, certi..
Tendon Secure 11

Secure Static Rope 11

Static rope with diameter 11 mm, certifi..



The SRK (Snow Rescue Kit) system allows ..

911 Canyon

Special stretcher designed for river r..

911 Net Full

Very light weight stretcher, fast disass..

911 Shell

Stretcher with shell, very light weight,..


Evolution of a great classic, Lecco 2.0 ..

Lecco X-Large

Extra-large version of Lecco stretcher, ..


Rollable medical device designed for con..

Stretchers accessories


Disposable bag made of completely waterp..


Floating kit for stretchers, designed an..


Inflatable mattress for rescue operation..

Vacuum 4

Vacuum mattress for patient immobilizati..


Back protection for Lecco stretcher made..
Kong Phoenix

911 - Phoenix

Hanging kit for 911 Shell and 911 Net Fu..
Kong Hydra

911 Canyon - Hydra

Hanging kit supplied with the 911 Canyon..


A real revolution for helirescue world!

Lecco - Aquarius

Holding kit to fix the stretcher to the ..
Kong Lecco - Evolution

Lecco - Evolution

2 pieces double hanging kit
Kong Gemini

Lecco - Gemini

Hanging kit for cableway or airway trans..
Kong Lecco Grips

Lecco - Grips

Two pieces grip for an easy assembling o..
Lecco - Manici

Lecco - Handles

4 handles to guide the stretcher when fi..

Lecco - Orion

Hanging kit for all kind of carriage  
Kong Lecco - Twin Willy

Lecco - Twin Willy

Twin wheels for a better stability compa..

Lecco - Virgo

Heavy load safety webbing for vertical o..
Kong Visi

Lecco - Visi

Special pillow fitted with a visor made ..
Kong Lecco - Willy

Lecco - Willy

The wheel, with low pressure tyre, can b..
Kong Lecco 2.0 Bag

Lecco 2.0 - Lecco 2.0 Bag

Comfortable reinforced and winchable car..
Kong Ursa

Lecco X-Large - Ursa

Hanging kit supplied with the Lecco X-La..
Kong Serpens

Rolly - Serpens

Hanging kit supplied with the Rolly stre..

Winches, poles and tripods


CEVEDALE is a tripod made of aluminum li..

Cevedale Base

Cevedale Base is an anchor point certifi..

Cevedale Mono

Tripod stand designed for civil operatio..


Two-speed and Self-Tailing winch actuate..

Ortles Stand

Rest plates for Ortles winch


Fishing pole that allows the lifting and..

Drill Adapter

Accessory designed to connect our winche..


Innovative kit that allows the use of th..

Plate for trucks

Special plate for fixing the fishing pol..