Accessory cord

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Tendon Accessory Cords

Accessory cords

Accessory cords, available in various di..

Aramidic core rope

6mm rope with aramidic core and polyamid..

Dynamic ropes

Tendon Dynamic Ambition 8.2

Dynamic Ambition 8.2

Half rope with 8.2 mm diameter
Tendon Dynamic Master 9.6

Dynamic Master 9.6

Single dynamic rope with 9.6mm diameter

Dynamic Master 9.7

Single dynamic rope with 9.7 mm diameter

Dynamic Master Pro 9.2

Single dynamic rope with 9.2 mm diameter..

Dynamic Smart 9.8

Single dynamic rope with 9.8 mm diameter
Tendon Dynamic Trust 11

Dynamic Trust 11

Dynamic single rope with 11 mm diameter