The Outdoor world, our first passion from which everything was born... Discover the products line for climbing, mountaineering, caving, canyoning and adventure parks.

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The world of safety at work and rescue, the natural evolution of our 360° approach to the world of safety and prevention.

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Not only adventure and verticality… Discover the rich range of components for hardware, leather goods, fashion, industry and boating.

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We are proud
to be first and foremost

The entire production cycle, from design to packaging, is made in our factory of 10,000 square meters, located in Monte Marenzo (LC), Italy, where each PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) is tested piece by piece and then sold throughout the world. We can proudly say that, first of all, we are “manufacturers”.

From the past to the future,
200 years of history
Made in Italy

The origin of Kong began a long time ago, in 1830 in a workshop at the foot of the Alps where Giuseppe Bonaiti gave rise to our story, writing important pages for Made in Italy.
The care to provide maximum protection for human lives, together with the dreams that men will “hang” while climbing peaks, led Bonaiti to export his products and philosophy throughout the world.

"The higher you go, the wider you see; the wider you see, the longer you dream"

(Dott. Marco Bonaiti)

A mountaineering approach has always been part of the company’s philosophy, even in terms of business development; a slow but steady climb, which for nearly two hundred years has led Kong to the summit.

Our history

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A selection of products that cannot be missing in your equipment or that at least deserve a look!

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The AccessRig Set has been designed to f..

Cave stretcher

Stretcher developed and designed for cav..

Elastic Tether Evo Double

Double arms elastic safety tether for im..


Floating kit for stretchers, designed an..

Genius II

Resistant carriage and hauling bag, fitt..


Elastic arms via ferrata set conform to ..

Quick Release 525

Stainless steel AISI 316 quick release f..


The SRK (Snow Rescue Kit) system allows ..

Swivel anchor connector

Swivel anchor connector made of high qua..

Tango 360

Integration of our Tango connector with ..


New high quality climbing and mountainee..

Vacuum 4

Vacuum mattress for patient immobilizati..

New products

The list of the latest products added, don't miss them!

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Mouse Sport +

New version with rear wheel adjustment s..


Manual control anti-rotation system for ..

Cave stretcher

Stretcher developed and designed for cav..

Kong Bottle

Kong Bottle is a stainless steel water b..


Towing bridle for inflatable boats (RIB)


Lifting system for inflatable boats (RIB..

Mini Twin Evo

Compact aluminum pulley with double whee..

Timber Prusik Cord

Prusik cord with sewn terminal loops use..

Timber 3.0

3 mm diameter accessory cord, designed f..

Kong Line + Harness Carbon Auto Block

Lanyard with terminal loops and rubber p..

Accessory cords

Accessory cords, available in various di..


Simple and strong canyoning backpack wit..

NFC ready

The list of products equipped with NFC microchips, which allows the unique digital identification of the product, facilitating checks and inspection.

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Kong Line + Harness Carbon Auto Block

Lanyard with terminal loops and rubber p..


The AccessRig Set has been designed to f..


The LokRig Set has been designed to faci..


Adjustable 44 mm webbing made in ultra-r..

Sierra Duo Turbo

Fall arrest work harness, lightweight an..

Target Cave

Newly developed harness for caving and r..

Ciapin Evolution Fast

Webbing anchor with multiple attachment ..

Ciapin Fast

Webbing anchor with multiple attachment ..


4D POLE is a gin pole of great value in ..

Aro Bull Tactical

Heavy load double layer textile anchor s..

Target Pro Tactical

Professional harness for operators and r..


Full body harness for adventure parks, u..


Here are some of the most sought after topics by our customers… don't miss them!

Alp Design

Alp Design

Passione Italiana



Safety 4.0







Virtual Booth

Virtual Booth

Kong Italy

Training & courses

Training services for professional purposes, paying particular attention to safety in the workplace.

Kong s.p.a. is organized with a quality management system certified UNI EN ISO 9001 for the planning and delivery of training services for professional purposes, paying particular attention to safety in the workplace.

The standard courses are in catalog or customized according to specific needs, always complying with current legislation.

Training activities are held in our indoor structure, equipped to carry out theoretical and practical sessions, or, if requested, at the customer's premises.

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We are not only manufacturers but also exclusive distributors of these brands.

Static and dynamic ropes made by Tendon. Only for the Italian market.

Continuous lifeline system for adventure parks. For all markets except France, Spain, Belgium, Germany, UK, Netherlands.

Alp Design is an Italian textile manufacturer, focused on caving, canyoning, dog harnesses and rescue equipment.