From the experience in climbing and rescue, updating since two centuries, here is a complete military line for intervention in any place and situation. 

Produced with the highest standard quality combined with the most advanced methods of research, KONG items make easier all the operations in which quickness and precision are essential and grant safety and reliability in hostile surroundings.

Since 1830 KONG is producing quality equipment for your safety.
Kong is the exclusive distributor of the Marlow and Yates brands.


Training & courses

Kong military equipment inspector L3

Kong Training course for inspectors of military equipment (4 hours).

AID Climbing

834120300KK Sling Ascender

Sling Ascender

Sling/pedal fitted with buckle for lengt..


Aro Bull Tactical

Heavy load double layer textile anchor s..
Kong QRK

Quick Release QRK

Brand new device designed for the releas..


Genius II

Resistant carriage and hauling bag, fitt..

Talkie Bag

Radio bag to be applied to the harness

Carabiners / Connectors

i-Ovalone Alu Auto Block

Oval aluminum carabiner with large openi..
Kong Argon S

Argon S

Ultra-compact screw sleeve connector ide..
Kong Frog my 2021


Revolutionary directional connector with..

Frog cable

Revolutionary directional connector, pro..
Kong HMS Classic Auto Block

HMS Classic Auto Block

Aluminium connector with 3 actions Auto ..

HMS Classic Twist Lock

Aluminium connector with 2 actions Twist..
Ovalone Alu Auto Block

Ovalone Alu Auto Block

Aluminum alloy carabiner, oval-shaped wi..
Kong Tango


Aluminum carabiner with double gate safe..

Ferrata Auto Block

Aluminum carabiner with 3 movements Auto..

Ferrata Express Sleeve

Aluminum carabiner with Express sleeve a..

Ferrata Screw Sleeve

Aluminum carabiner with screw sleeve and..

Ferrata Twist Lock

Aluminum carabiner with 2 movements Twis..

Guide Screw Sleeve

Aluminum carabiner light and high load, ..

HMS Classic Screw Sleeve

Aluminium connector with screw sleeve an..

Large Multiuse Screw Sleeve

Light alloy D shape carabiner with strai..

Large Multiuse Twist Lock

Light alloy carabiner with wide opening ..

Oval Alu Classic Screw Sleeve

Oval aluminium carabiner with a circular..

X-large Alu Screw Sleeve

Light alloy wide opening carabiner with ..


8 Classic Tactical

Classic figure of '8' descender, a true ..


Innovative three hole rigging plate ce..

Indy Evo Plus

Evolution of the well-known Indy Evo des..

Oka Tactical

Descender especially conceived for canyo..

Big 8 Tactical

Figure '8' descender with wings for crea..

Chuy Tactical

The Chuy is a belay and rappel device th..

Gi-Gi Tactical

Multipurpose hot-forged aluminum plate f..


Full Gloves

High quality gloves made with suede, Nyl..

Full Gloves Aero

Helicopter winch operator gloves, a rein..

Skin Gloves

Lightweight gloves conceived for belay a..


Kit Target Pro Aero

The TARGET PRO AERO KIT has been conceiv..


Rescue harness, easy to adjust

Target Pro Tactical

Professional harness for operators and r..


Mouse Tactical

Comfortable and well-ventilated helmet, ..

Helmets accessories

Mouse Plates

Plates for headphones
Kong Visor


Visor for helmet with mounting kit

Marlow Tactical


Marlow F.R.I.E.S. (Fast Rope Insertion &..

Fast Rope

Fast Rope for rapid evacuation from heli..

Fast Rope and F.R.I.E.S. Bag

Marlow’s Fast Rope Transportation and De..

Fast Rope Bag

A practical bag specifically designed to..

Fast Rope Gloves 1

Gloves for Fast Rope

Fast Rope Gloves 2

Fast rope gloves manufactured from reinf..
Marlow FRR - Fast rope Rack

Marlow Fast Rope Rack

Fast rope descender manufactured by Marl..


Marlow’s extraction system has been desi..


Marlow’s innovative system is a floating..


Marlow’s floating extraction system allo..


Kong Twin

Twin Tactical

Aluminum pulley with double wheel, mobil..

Extra Roll Tactical

Aluminum pulley with single wheel, mobil..

Rope clamps

Futura Body

Chest ascender, incredibly reduced size ..

Futura Foot

Foot ascender available in right and lef..

Futura Hand Tactical

A revolutionary rope clamp for its extre..
Kong Lift

Lift Tactical

Rope clamp for rope access, available in..

Cam Clean Tactical

Chest rope clamp specifically conceived ..

Duck Tactical

Innovative emergency rope clamp conceive..

Ropes accessories


Cordura rope protection


Half Rolly

Rollable medical device designed for res..


Rollable medical device designed for con..

Stretchers accessories


Disposable bag made of completely waterp..


A real revolution for helirescue world!

Yates Tactical

Adjustable Lanyard w/Shock Stop 571

Yates Tactical adjustable positioning la..

Assault Harness 320USN

Yates Tactical lightweight assault harne..

Personal Retention Lanyard 572

Yates Tactical personal retention lanyar..

QR Personal Retention Lanyard 563

Yates Tactical personal retention lanyar..

Rescue Harness 310

Yates Tactical well suited rescue harnes..

Special Forces Rappel Belt 319C

Unique new concept for a CQB (Close Quar..

Special Forces Rappel Belt 319CPJ

Unique new concept for a CQB belt system..

Special OPS Harness 309

New Yates Tactical harness that utilizes..

Tactical Rappel/Fast Rope Gloves

Yates Tactical rappel/Fast Rope Gloves