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Entry level fall arrest work harness, li..

Kit Target Pro Aero

The TARGET PRO AERO KIT has been conceiv..

Sierra Duo

Full body harness for safety at work, li..

Sierra Duo Turbo

Fall arrest work harness, lightweight an..

Target Cave

Newly developed harness for caving and r..


Work harness for rope access and positio..


Work harness for positioning and suspens..

Hammock Smart

Seat for prolonged suspension, version c..


Special harness for work at height and r..


Special harness with ankle supports that..

Target Pro Industrial

Harness for rope access, the best choice..

Target Pro Tactical

Professional harness for operators and r..

Target Pro Turbo

Rescue and heli-rescue harness, great al..

Target Pro Up

Rescue and heli-rescue harness, great al..


Heavy load spacer for harnesses, designe..


Rescue harness, easy to adjust

Safety Belt

Safety Belt positioning harness

Target Pro

Rescue and heli-rescue harness, great fo..