AID Climbing


SLYDE is an ingenious adjuster for ropes..

Alp Design


New launch bag for canyoning

Mini Chance

New launcher bag for canyoning rescue


Simple and strong canyoning backpack wit..



Rigging plater with 3 holes, 20mm diamet..


Rigging plater with 4 holes, 20mm diamet..

Aro Sling Dyneema

Dyneema sling ring available in various ..

Aro Sling Tubular

Polyamide sling perfect to make a stopov..


New high strength 10 hole plate

Rally Bent

New high strength 10 hole plate
Kong Rock


Anchoring kit for mountaineering, climbi..


Rigging plater with 3 holes, 20mm diamet..

Anchoring tools

Kong Anchor Fix

Anchor fix

Self-drilling anchor available in two si..


Special adapter that allows you to turn ..



Middle volume backpack designed for use ..


Rope bag developed for rope transport in..


Ultra-light rope bag

Carabiners / Connectors

Ergo Wire

ERGO WIRE is designed specifically for t..
Kong HMS Classic Auto Block

HMS Classic Auto Block

Aluminium connector with 3 actions Auto ..

HMS Napik Screw Sleeve

Aluminium connector HMS with screw sle..
Kong Large Multiuse Auto Block

Large Multiuse Auto Block

Light alloy carabiner with wide opening
Kong Oval Alu Straight Gate

Oval alu straight gate

Oval aluminum carabiner with a circular ..
Kong Oval Steel Straight Gate

Oval steel straight gate

Oval carbon steel carabiner with a circu..

Ovalone Screw Sleeve

Oval aluminum carabiner with large openi..
Kong Tango


Aluminum carabiner with double gate safe..
Kong Trapper Screw Sleeve

Trapper screw sleeve

Multipurpose aluminum carabiner. Usefull..

X-large Alu Straight Gate

Light alloy carabiner with straight gate..

Ergo Screw Sleeve

Ergonomic, compact and lightweight carab..

Ferrata Screw Sleeve

Aluminum carabiner with screw sleeve and..

Ferrata Twist Lock

Aluminum carabiner with 2 movements Twis..

HMS Classic Screw Sleeve

Aluminium connector with screw sleeve an..

HMS Napik Auto Block

Aluminium connector HMS with 3 actions A..

HMS Napik Twist Lock

Aluminum connector HMS with 2 actions Tw..

Large Multiuse Screw Sleeve

Light alloy D shape carabiner with strai..

Large Multiuse Straight Gate

Light alloy carabiner with straight gate..

Large Multiuse Twist Lock

Light alloy carabiner with wide opening ..

Oval Alu Classic Screw Sleeve

Oval aluminium carabiner with a circular..

X-large Alu Auto Block

Light alloy carabiner with Auto Block sl..

X-large Alu Screw Sleeve

Light alloy wide opening carabiner with ..

X-large Alu Twist Lock

Aluminium carabiner with Twist Lock slee..


8 Classic

Classic figure of '8' descender, a true ..

Big 8

Figure '8' descender with wings for crea..
Kong Hydrobot


Hydrobot is a special tool conceived for..

Mini 8 S Steel

Compact version of figure '8' descender


Descender especially conceived for canyo..
Kong Rackong


Descender with stainless steel body and ..

Dynamic ropes

Dynamic Master Pro 9.2

Single dynamic rope with 9.2 mm diameter..

Generic Items


Scissors with circular blades for rope c..


Canyon Gloves

Neoprene gloves for use in aquatic situa..


Indiana Canyon

Harness for canyoning, lightweight, full..

Target Canyon

Canyoning harness that combines the comf..



Ultralight helmet for climbing and mount..

Mouse Sport

Comfortable and well-ventilated helmet..


Helmet for kids, one size adjustable (48..

Quick Links

Quick Link Oval Long

Oval stainless steel 316 quick link with..

Quick Link Triangle

Triangular quick link made of stainless ..

Quick Link Asymmetric

Asymmetric carbon steel quick link

Rope clamps

Cam Clean

Chest rope clamp specifically conceived ..


Kong Express


Nylon webbing for quickdraws for mountai..

Express Dyneema

Dyneema webbing for quickdraws for mount..

Y Aro Canyon

Dyneema lanyard designed to help pass re..

Y Aro Speleo

Dyneema lanyard designed to help pass re..

Chain Dyneema

Dyneema multiuse sling for mountaineerin..


Positioning lanyard designed for caving,..