Automatic crampons

Automatic crampons | 12 points | Carbon steel

Light and compact 12-point steel crampons, designed for classic and technical mountaineering, from glacier progression to mixed routes.

•    Available in automatic and semi-automatic versions.
•    Structure in tempered steel.
•    Innovative system for extremely accurate and stable micro-adjustment of the fit, without the use of tools.
•    Innovative rigid/foldable connection system which allows the crampon to bend on itself, reducing the overall dimensions for transport. At the same time, it ensures maximum shoe stability and reliability during progression.
•    Special adjustable closure buckle on the security sling.
•    Made in Italy!

Supplied with:
•    Ultra compact Cordura bag
•    Removable front and rear Antibott
•    Double sized connecting bars (37 ÷ 43) (42 ÷ 47)

Lys is the steel crampon of performance and versatility, dedicated to the alpinist who wants to deal with a variety of terrain, without settling for compromise.

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Item codes

ItemMaterialNumber of pointsType of binding
8A312A000KK8A312A000KK EN 893
Carbon steel

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