Climbing quickdraw

Quickdraw for sport climbing

The trend in recent years is to create sets consisting of two connectors with the same body forgetting that would perform very different functions together:
the first, usually straight gate, should easily enter, turn and be extracted from the anchor point, the second should allow the easy insertion of the rope.
KONG has therefore created specific connectors which combined with slings of suitable length and strength has given rise to the family of ARGON quickdraws.
The Express KK quickdraw is equipped with the Argon K straight gate connector on top and the Argon RK bent gate connector on bottom.
13 mm Dyneema webbing, 12 cm length, with the new ultra-resistant Fast Rubber made of silicone.
Easy and comfortable to handle, excellent handling of the lever.

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Item codes

ItemMaterialColourWebbing length (mm)Notes
761SET5500K761SET5500K EN 12275
Alu alloy

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