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Alp Design

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Cave stretcher

Stretcher developed and designed for cav..


Innovative floating harness designed by ..


New launch bag for canyoning

Mini Chance

New launcher bag for canyoning rescue


Taxi is the emergency harness to always ..
Alp Design Avalon


Thigh harness with padded large bands
Alp Design Protector


Oval bottomed  padded bag

Marlow Tactical


Marlow F.R.I.E.S. (Fast Rope Insertion &..

Fast Rope

Fast Rope for rapid evacuation from heli..

Fast Rope and F.R.I.E.S. Bag

Marlow’s Fast Rope Transportation and De..

Fast Rope Bag

A practical bag specifically designed to..

Fast Rope Gloves 1

Gloves for Fast Rope

Fast Rope Gloves 2

Fast rope gloves manufactured from reinf..
Marlow FRR - Fast rope Rack

Marlow Fast Rope Rack

Fast rope descender manufactured by Marl..


Marlow’s extraction system has been desi..


Marlow’s innovative system is a floating..


Marlow’s floating extraction system allo..

Yates Tactical

Adjustable Lanyard w/Shock Stop 571

Yates Tactical adjustable positioning la..

Assault Harness 320USN

Yates Tactical lightweight assault harne..

Personal Retention Lanyard 572

Yates Tactical personal retention lanyar..

QR Personal Retention Lanyard 563

Yates Tactical personal retention lanyar..

Rescue Harness 310

Yates Tactical well suited rescue harnes..

Special Forces Rappel Belt 319C

Unique new concept for a CQB (Close Quar..

Special Forces Rappel Belt 319CPJ

Unique new concept for a CQB belt system..

Special OPS Harness 309

New Yates Tactical harness that utilizes..

Tactical Rappel/Fast Rope Gloves

Yates Tactical rappel/Fast Rope Gloves