Lightweight harness for dogs

Alp Design

Lightweight harness for dogs, the first designed by Ferruccio Pilenga, founder of SICS (Scuola Italiana Cani Salvataggio - Italian School of Rescue Dogs).

Born from the need to manage dogs in the water, this harness is composed of three uniting elements:

• The harness, secured with aluminum buckles, is equipped with a small handle for holding the dog and lifting it from the water.

• The handle which joins the harness with an aluminum buckle closure and is equipped with a Kong-approved high-strength ring. This allows the dog to be lifted and even winched.

• The third ring, composed of webbing that closes through aluminum buckles, completes the harness by inserting it into the handle.

The harness worn with all three parts together allows freedom of movement for any activity (swimming, running, etc.).
It can be worn for a very long time, such as while sailing, and allows the dog to be attached to a life line.

Excellent for use with older dogs, as it allows them to be supported when they get up and assisted in case of walking problems.

The harness is made up of a high-strength tubular polyester webbing.
It comes padded to make it float.

Available in 4 sizes:

XS - for dogs from 15 to 20 kg
S - for dogs from 20 to 30 kg
M - for dogs from 30 to 45 kg
L - for dogs over 45 kg

Harness weight:

XS - 440 g
S - 455 g
M - 470 g
L - 485 g

Lifetime and Inspections


Item codes

ItemMaterialSizeCapacity (l)Color
9T00507XS009T00507XS00 /
9T00507S0009T00507S000 /
9T00507M0009T00507M000 /
9T00507L0009T00507L000 /

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