Help for distant bolts

PROG is fitted with:
- a tubular webbing with an inner flexible bar that allows to obtain the required bent
- a FROG connector equipped with an ingenious system that keeps open the gates until it comes into contact with the bolt.
At this point the mechanism releases the gates and the connector closes automatically. The mechanism prevents accidental opening of the lever when it is under load.
Compared to PANIC is still gains some centimeters because the insertion in the spit takes place directionally from the bottom.
Moreover, the PROG is certified both EN 12275 and EN 362 for  professional use.
Available in standard version (35 cm) and XL version (50 cm).
High quality product, fully made in Italy!

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Item codes

24135NRR0KK24135NRR0KK Alu alloy
35 cm/
24150NRN0KK24150NRN0KK Alu alloy
50 cm/

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