Marlow Fast Rope Rack

Fast rope descender

Innovators in the field of rope technology, Marlow Ropes Ltd designed and developed the original Fast Rope in conjunction with the British Special Forces. These ropes are now in use by traditional Special Forces and SWAT teams across the globe.

Marlow have now launched the Fast Rope Rack (FRR) to be used in conjunction with 40mm fast rope and to aid the rapid insertion of units. This innovative British-made device ( European Union registered design no. 004389369-0001) is:

Quick and easy to install

Ideal for descending with multiple loads and the insertion of non-Fast Rope qualified personnel such as Medics, Interpreters, locals, Bomb Disposal specialists in addition to descending with dogs.

This product is available only in the following countries: Italia

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Marlow Fast Rope Rack

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