Tactical Rappel/Fast Rope Gloves

Yates Tactical rappel/Fast Rope Gloves.

Thick full-grain leather second palm extends over the palm and to the second joint of your fingers to provide added protection from the heat and friction generated when fast roping. The index finger is separated for trigger finger dexterity. Carabiner hole in the wrist for attaching to harness. The entire glove is sewn with heat resistant KEVLAR thread.

Available in Black and Coyote Tan.

5 sizes available: (S, M, L, XL, 2XL).

This device is not suitable for private use, and it is specifically designed for use by the armed forces or in the maintenance of law and order.

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Item codes

ItemNSN CodeStandardsSizeColourLength (cm)Notes
9Y9250002YY 8415016299029/
9Y9250003YY 8415016299010/
9Y9250004YY 8415016299028/
9Y9250005YY 8415016299014/
9Y9250006YY 8415016299017/
9Y925T002YY //
9Y925T003YY //
9Y925T004YY //
9Y925T005YY //
9Y925T006YY //

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