Marlow’s extraction system has been designed for the transportation of a larger number of personnel with increased safety.

Higher strength to accommodate greater number of personnel (10 to 12 as standard).

Two loop integrated colour coded safety system for all personnel: personal loop (green) and back-up loop (red).

One yellow loop for easy retrieval of the rope itself at the end of the helicopter operation.

Main rope material: Polyester.

Personnel loops material: UHMPE (Ultra High Modulus Polyethylene).

Spliced eye (SE) termination. 

Available lengths: 27,4m and 40m.

Marlow is a world leader in fast rope and F.R.I.E.S. production. Their products are used by hundreds of operators, armed forces and special teams around the world. Kong is the exclusive importer and distributor of Marlow products in Italy and the only company authorized to provide warranty and inspection on these products. 

Technical documents

Usage activities

Item codes

ItemNSN CodeLength (m)Diameter (mm)SizeNotes
9R028S1E274 /27,428/Spliced Eye (SE)
9R028S1E400 /4028/Spliced Eye (SE)

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