Positioning system for helicopter

System used for a precise positioning during rescue operations: the TRIMMER+ guarantees a millimetric and soft adjustment both in recovery and in release of the rope.

Equipped with an asymmetric Quick Link for a precise connection to the harness, with the minimum encumbrance.

Rope length 130 cm, suitable for all situations that require the connection to helicopter anchor points.

Bag dedicated both to the housing of the unused system and to containing the piece of rope that exceeds, without interfering with other equipment. The bag is equipped with a self-locking double-slider zip that allows the use on both sides of the harness. In addition, the bag fastening system, realised with a double loop with Velcro, allows positioning on harnesses with different belt heights.

Kit composed of:

  • Trimmer+
  • 130 cm length rope with sewed terminals and double gate connector mod. Tango
  • Quick Link Asymmetric
  • Dedicated bag

Lifetime and Inspections

Item codes

ItemStandardsLength (m)Rope diameter (mm)Length regulatorNote
289SETS08KK289SETS08KK EN 358

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