Kit Target Pro Aero

The TARGET PRO AERO KIT has been conceived and designed to safely suspend and secure helicopter rescuers during helicopter rescue operations, both inside the aircraft and during winch phases. The kit consists of a harness combined with a life jacket, with the life vest ensuring buoyancy in case of emergency. The life jacket is activated by means of a special self-inflating command through a CO2 cylinder.


The Jacket Aero is made of NOMEX® fabric with NOMEX® breathable mesh. The orange borders are made of PU-coated nylon.
A variety of pockets necessary for storing survival and/or operational material can be attached to the Jacket.
Equipped with a pair of removable slings for attaching the Jacket to the harness.
Weight approximately 1.3 kg, buoyancy 200N (20 liters)


Rescue and helirescue harness, conceived for those situations where lightness and freedom of movement are essential.
Equipped with automatic buckles on the chest and leg loops for ultra-fast dressing.
All buckles are made of stainless steel AISI 316 to ensure maximum resistance in corrosive and marine environments.
The wide padding on the leg loops guarantees greater comfort during suspension.
The kit is available in 4 sizes: S, M/L, XL, XXL.

Usage activities

Item codes

ItemStandardsMaterialSizeWaist size (cm)Legs size (cm)Chest size (cm)Notes
8G0SET001KK EN 12277/C
EN 361
EN 358
EN 12277/A
EN 813
8G0SET002KK EN 12277/C
EN 361
EN 358
EN 12277/A
EN 813
8G0SET003KK EN 12277/C
EN 361
EN 358
EN 12277/A
EN 813
8G0SET004KK EN 12277/C
EN 361
EN 358
EN 12277/A
EN 813

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