Adjustable Lanyard w/Shock Stop 571

Yates Tactical adjustable positioning lanyard designed to connect to user’s harness, to fixed surface or to anchoring point via unique aluminum connector Kong Tango. 

The lanyard has an adjustable length using Yates adjustable daisy chain system. 

Yates Screamer shock absorber added for energy absorption.

Colours available: Terra and Black

Lanyard length: from 45 to 119 cm (18-47 inches)

This device is not suitable for private use, and it is specifically designed for use by the armed forces or in the maintenance of law and order.

Technical documents

Usage activities

Item codes

ItemNSN CodeStandardsSizeColourLength (cm)Notes
9Y5710000YY 4240016416763/
9Y571T000YY 4240016416763/

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