Professional rescue harness

fast buckles on leg loops | rear padding

Special harness for work at height and rescue activities, fitted with a redesigned, ergonomic and breathable rear padding that makes the dressing fast and easy. Fast buckles on leg loops. Dorsal attachment point oved up, easily accessible even during  the carrying of material on shoulder (oxygen cilynders, backpacks,etc.). Sternal attachment point with wide yellow rings for an easy identification that can be used also as handles for handling the operator. HT polyester webbing (High Tenacity). Tubular webbing. Fast buckle for closure and positioning (pectoral), for an effective and immediate operational attitude.

High quality product, completely made in Italy!

Tested with 150 kg

Lifetime and Inspections

Item codes

ItemStandardsMaterialSizeWaist size (cm)Legs size (cm)Chest size (cm)Notes
8W9902001KK8W9902001KK EN 361
8W9903001KK 8W9903001KK EN 361
8W9905001KK 8W9905001KK EN 361

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