Harness for heli-transport and lifting of bovines

harness for bovines and equines

Special harness developed for lifting and heli-transport operations of bovines and equines in emergency situations; it can be used for similar size animals.
Transportable weight between 300kg and 600kg.
It is made of polyester HT heavy load and low stretching; it weights only 3 kg.
Before using the harness it’s important to make a training with a dummie in a safe place.
A wrong use of the harness could cause the loss of the animal.
During transport operations bendage the animal and ask the support of a veterinarian.
If the animal is nervous or shocked, use a sedative.
Due to the altitude shock, the animal could try to struggle; always check the buckles before starting the lifting manoeuvres.
The lifting time depends on the animal but it never must exceed 15 minutes; an higher period could be cause of choke or injury at internal organs.
High quality product, completely developed and made in Italy.

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