Plate for trucks

Plate for bracing of 4D Pole and Stelvio

Special plate for fixing the fishing poles 4D Pole and Stelvio through the wheels of a truck.
Fix the base of the pole to the plate and lock it with the provided pins. At this point load the free side of plate with a wheel - preferably the most loaded - in order to ensure adequate stability during the maneuvers of lowering and recovery with the pole. Always make sure you have activated the emergency brake of the vehicle. The plate is fitted with holes for connectors. It works also  with dual wheels. It’s better to brace the pole from the upper part, clinging to the ground; you can brace on the vehicle only if the weight of the vehicle is adeguate to the load to be moved).

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ItemMaterialWeight (kg)
817120000KK /
Almond zinc plated steel

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