Floating harness for water rescue dogs

Alp Design

Floating dog harness designed for water rescue.
It allows a fluid and safe swim optimizing the forces of our four-legged friend!
Equipped with 4 handles for the towing of the rescuers and of the wounded and also to facilitate the retrieval of the dog on board.
Aluminum ring for suspension during winch operations.
High visibility coloring to help you find the dog even in unfavorable conditions.
Details made of reflective fabric for a better visibility in the dark.
Available in two sizes:
- size S/M for medium sized dogs from 25 to 40 kg (e.g., Labrador, Golden Retriever, etc.)
- size L for large dogs from 45 to 65 kg (e.g., Terranova, Leonberger, etc.)


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Item codes

ItemMaterialSizeCapacity (l)Color
9T0027810009T002781000 /
9T0027820009T002782000 /

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