Pouch designed for storing a breathing apparatus mask. It can be fixed to the abdominal band of a shoulder strap or to the belt of roof bags supplied to the Fire Brigade.
It adequately protects the delicate parts of the mask, even when it is crammed into vehicles.
Velcro closure with a handle placed on the lower part of the bag to facilitate tear-off opening.
It has a slot which the dispenser hose can be passed through.
Internal padding to keep the bag open while inserting the mask and for increased protection.
Available in a standard version (MaBa) and a flame and heat resistant Nomex version (MaBa Fire).
High quality product made in Italy!


Item codes

ItemCapacity (l)MaterialNotes
982006N00KK982006N00KK 300/Nylon
982006G00KK982006G00KK 290/Nomex
MaBa Fire

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