NFC Chip

What NFC technology is for

The presence of NFC (Near Field Communication) chips on Kong PPE enables unique digital product identification and offers many advantages:

  • it contains the product serial code, which in some circumstances can become unreadable on the classic markings
  • allows quick reading of the unique serial code during all stages of verification, inventory and maintenance without having to manually transcribe the codes. This speeds up the process and drastically reduces the potential for errors
  • allows the use of PPE management software that simplifies, speeds up and organizes the management, inspection and storage of PPE
  • NFC technology compared to other systems such as RFID or DATA MATRIX has the advantage of being indelible and can be used without expensive readers; in fact, a simple smartphone or NFC reader that can be connected to a PC is sufficient.

Furthermore, NFC technology is a tool that opens endless possibilities in addition to the advantages already listed. Here are some examples of our customers’ use:

  • assignment and management of PPE provided to employees, with expiration checks and reminders for periodic inspections
  • entry of the user's personal and biometric data (phone number for emergencies, blood type, etc...)
  • controlling access to certain routes in adventure parks, based on age and ticket purchased

Where to find nfc chips in kong products

Most Kong PPE leave the factory already equipped with NFC chips, here is the list of NFC READY products:

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In addition, it is possible to equip older PPE or other brands with this technology by applying consumable chips yourself.

There are different types of consumable NFC chips, each with specific characteristics;
choose the right consumable chip according to the device and point of application.

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Focus on PPE management software

As already mentioned among other advantages, NFC technology facilitates and speeds up the delicate recording phase of periodic inspections; the system is compatible with all software available on the market (Papertrail, Scannable, etc...) and also with open systems such as Excel, Word...

Kong partners with Exteryo and recommends adoption of the Exteryo Safety 4.0 PPE management system, which has the great advantage of being able to initialize and manage PPE of any brand.

A single software for the complete management of your PPE!

Download the app for your smartphone here:

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