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Accessory cords

Accessory cords, available in various di..

Cave stretcher

Stretcher developed and designed for cav..


Innovative floating harness designed by ..

Frog Nude

Disassembled version of our popular Frog..

Kong Bottle

Kong Bottle is a stainless steel water b..

Kong Line + Harness Carbon Auto Block

Lanyard with terminal loops and rubber p..

Mini Twin Evo

Compact aluminum pulley with double whee..

Mouse Sport +

New version with rear wheel adjustment s..

Nek Warmer

Multifunction tube neck warmer, elastic ..


Lifting system for inflatable boats (RIB..

Timber 3.0

3 mm diameter accessory cord, designed f..

Timber Prusik Cord

Prusik cord with sewn terminal loops use..


Towing bridle for inflatable boats (RIB)


Manual control anti-rotation system for ..


Simple and strong canyoning backpack wit..