Fast Rope Gloves 2

Gloves manufactured from reinforced leather with wool lining and Velcro wrist adjustment.

Kevlar lined palms provide further wear and heat resistance when Fast Roping.

Black suede leather palm reinforcements for additional grip, non-padded trigger

finger for optimum weapon control, Kevlar lining for additional heat and cut



Marlow is a world leader in fast rope and F.R.I.E.S. production. Their products are used by hundreds of operators, armed forces and special teams around the world. Kong is the exclusive importer and distributor of Marlow products in Italy and the only company authorized to provide warranty and inspection on these products. 

Technical documents

Usage activities

Item codes

ItemNSN CodeLength (m)Diameter (mm)SizeNotes
9RFAA0350KK 8415-99-833-0148//L/
9RFAA0390KK 8415-99-833-0147//M/
9RFAA0360KK 8415-99-833-0146//XL/

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