Motor ladder kit

Innovative kit that allows the use of the winch ORTLES on a motor ladder, for the rescue, the recovery and the transport of people in hardly reachable positions.
The kit, composed by two elements that allow to change the wheelbase for the fixing of the winch to the greatest part of the motor ladder and a pulley to fix to the last step of the ladder, it allows to use the motor ladder as if it were a fishing pole of notable dimensions. The two elements of fixing of the winch and the upper pulley are fitted with safety pins.
The upper pulley is predisposed for the assemblage of a headlight that facilitates the night time operations or of poor visibility. The bases for the winch ORTLES (# 817.20) - necessary for the assemblage - are not included in the kit.
* Check in advance the compatibility of the product with the fire engine that will be used.

Item codes

ItemMaterialWeight (kg)
817130000KK /
Alu alloy
5,5 kg

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