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Hammock Smart

Seat for prolonged suspension, new version characterized by a frame with simplified assembly and textile seat with wider strips.

The removable aluminum frame guarantees maximum lightness and reduced dimensions. The seat is made with a weave of tapes and fits perfectly to the body. This results in incredible ergonomics and a high level of breathability.
Seat dimensions: 485x202 cm.
When disassembled and stored in its bag, the Hammock Smart takes up very little space. Perfect for use combined with the Target Pro Industrial harness.


Warning: it is not a PPE, to be used always in combination with an harness.


Connectors not included.

Item codes

ItemStandardsMaterialSizeWaist size (cm)Legs size (cm)Chest size (cm)Notes
8W0060O01KK 8W0060O01KK /

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