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frictional anchor device | 3 sizes | compact and lightweight

New frictional anchor system, excellent alternative to traditional cams, to be used in the wider cracks, by keeping at the same time light weigth and small dimensions.
Fitted with a special button that allows to lock open in the device for an easy insertion in the crack.
Available in 3 sizes:
Size 4: 52 ÷ 100mm
Size 5: 67 ÷ 142mm
Size 6: 92 ÷ 205mm.
The main advantages compared to Friends are lower dimensions and weight, the reduced maintenance due to the simplicity of construction and the wider range of openings.
High quality product, completely developed and manufactured in Italy.

Usage activities

Item codes

ItemMaterialSizeColourHole diameter (mm)
877040000KK EN 12276
Alu alloy
877050000KK EN 12276
Alu alloy
877060000KK EN 12276
Alu alloy

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