Positioning lanyard designed for caving, canyoning and rescue activities, made of dynamic rope EN892 10mm diameter, with sewn eyelets and rubber terminations; available in four lengths for custom arrangement of the three branches of the lanyard.
Trilonge is the factory version conform to
EN 566:06, EN 354:10, EN 795/B:12norms, of a popular tool up to date handcrafted by the end user.


• choice of 3 lengths (170 cm - 190 cm - 210 cm) depending on the needs and the user's stature
• seam eyelets with a contrasting color indicator for the immediate check of the wear
• lanyard lengths designed for the preparation of the 3 attachment points (short, medium, long) via Trilonge knot
• rope sheath very resistant to abrasion for use in particularly aggressive environments
• rubber terminals integrated for the correct and stable positioning of the connector in the sewn eyelets

Notes on the “Trilonge” knot

Independent tests have shown that this knot, properly packaged, gives the Trilonge good capacity to absorb energy resulting from a fall, significantly above the “figure of eight” knot. This means greater safety in case of fall, where, with fall factor equal to 1, the impact force with a mass of 100kg it records values ??below the threshold of permanent injury.

Warning: these performances degrade progressively after intense use.


Item codes

ItemMaterialColourLength (cm)Width (mm)
279I00170KK EN 354
EN 566
EN 795/B
279I00190KK EN 354
EN 566
EN 795/B
279I00210KK EN 354
EN 566
EN 795/B

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