Filippo Manca

Basic information

    • Date of Birth:: 13-06-1988
    • Nickname: Filippo Manca (Faragone)
    • Hometown: Nuoro (Sardegna)
    • Favorite Destination: California e Frankenjura

Social Networks

Don't complain and always try your best!

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Don't complain and always try your best!


  • Anime Salve 8b+ (Cala Gonone)
  • No Global 8b+ (Cala gonone)
  • Viceversa 8b (Lanaitto)
  • Olieningrado 8b (Ulassai)
  • Pisti Raju 8a FA (Lula Nu)
  • Bulluzzu 7c+ FA (Lula Nu)
  • Magic Mushroom 7c FA (Sette Fratelli CA)
  • Batman 7c+ trad FA (Orosei)
  • Accanimento Terapeutico 7c FA (Monte Ortobene)
  • Midnigtht Lightning V8 (Yosemite)
  • The Force V9 (Yosemite)

Proudest Moment in life

To wear the Fire Brigade uniform and become a colleague of my father.

Favorite KONG products

Argon KK Quickdraw
Ergo Twist Lock


Tommy Caldwell
Chris Sharma

Words to live by

Respect the rock and preserve the nature!
Things that make me really happy:
It makes me really happy to travel and see different places, always looking for something new that makes me dream, with an eye to the sky!

Favorite routes

Slimline 8a (Frankenjura)
Compulsory Clip 8a (Valchiavenna)
TT 8a (Monte Ortobene)
Dura Vida 8a (Ossi)


Good food J!

Three Things I Always Pack

A headlamp, a thermal blanket, a knife.