Primary working processes

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Working processes

Mechanical working

Bending, plastic deformation, cutting and other mechanical workings are carried out here with machines and tools tailored in the technical department of the plant.

Heat treatment

Annealing, quenching and aging of aluminium alloy, steel and manganese bronze are very critical production phases, generally accomplished in electrical ovens with forced ventilation.

Surface treatments

An eminent role is also this kind of mechanical and chemical processes, during which pieces are trimmed, polished and surface-finished.

Laser marking

Laser technology allows the reproduction of trade mark, drawings, symbols and letters with an extreme precision, cutting off 3-4 microns of surface material. To obtain markings which appear in bright silver, over a dull and dark background, we had to improve the anodising process and set up a new range of colours, that now is everywhere appreciated.

Tests and inspections

Connectors - and many other tools manufactured by KONG - are classified as Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), with the burden of severe project requirements, controls in each production phase and certifications entrusted to outer labs.

Many items are controlled making crack tests on samples systematically selected from each production batch.

All the items declared TESTED are finally checked, piece by piece, to match functional and aesthetic requirements.

KONG quality system is certified ISO.9001.