Temporary lifeline

Temporary lifeline 20m

Temporary horizontal life line, easy to install, with 30 mm width high visibility webbing.
It allows two operators to be connected simultaneously, but on different spans.
The tensor allows an easy installation by one only operator and guarantee an excellent grip without any damage to the webbing. The life line is stitched to the carriage bag.
Connectors not included, the use of models conform to EN 362 with a longitudinal load higher than 40 kN is prescribed (eg mod. OVALONE CARBON Autoblock or Twistlock).
Integrated NFC chip to facilitate traceability and periodic inspections.
Made in Italy!

Lifetime and Inspections

Item codes

ItemStandardsMaterialSizeColourHole diameter (mm)Notes
206020000KK206020000KK CEN TS 16415
EN 795/B/C

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