Retractable fall arrester

Retractable fall arrester with automatic recall with 4.5 mm steel cable available in three lengths (10m, 15m and 20m).
10m version equipped with textile energy absorber for both horizontal and vertical use; other versions for vertical use only.
It allows the operator a high freedom of movement during work on scaffolding, trellises and metal structures.
Equipped with an ultra-resistant ABS shell with rotating eyebolt and double safety lever connector CE EN 362 with overload indicator and anti-twisting swivel.
Complies with CE EN 360 and ATEX II 2 G c T6 for the regulation of equipment for use in potentially explosive areas (only for 15 m and 20 m versions).

Lifetime and Inspections

Item codes

ItemStandardsMaterialLength (m)Rope diameter (mm)Notes
225020100KK225020100KK EN 360
Zinc plated steel
10 m4,6 kg 4,5 mmvertical/horizontal use
225010150KK225010150KK EN 360
Zinc plated steel
15 m7,2 kg4,5 mmvertical use
225010200KK225010200KK EN 360
Zinc plated steel
20 m7,7 kg4,5 mmvertical use

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