This glossary, that gathers nearly two thousands words and expressions relating to mountain sports, has been made out keeping the mind on the Lexique Multilingue edited by the Fédération Française de la Montagne et de l'Escalade / UIAA.
For an helpful use, the expressions are alphabetically ordered referring to their principal term. Hence, «to climb on cliff» is listed under «cliffs [to climb on ~]».
The element of an expressions that can be omitted, is given in round brackets. Hence, «free (hanging) rappel» is practically considered the same as «free rappel».
Equivalent expressions referred to the same term, are often written together, distinguished by a semicolon. Hence, «abseil (down ; off) [to ~]» means that «to abseil down» and «to abseil off» have the same value.
Words and expressions intended as calls or interjections, are generally followed by an exclamation mark. Hence, «free!» must be intended as the imperative mood of the verb «to free».
The text written after the sign "=" provides more explanation or a stylistic value. Hence, «base = of ski» makes a difference between other kinds of «base».
The most frequent stylistic values are: US "American"; coll. "colloquial"; abbr. "abbreviation".