Trimmer Nude

The TRIMMER NUDE is an incredibly smooth adjuster for custom created adjustable lanyards, longe, guy-lines…
The user can self-make its own system that can be created choosing the most appropriate way for the situation on-point.
It works with semi-static and dynamic kernmantle ropes with diameter from 10mm to 11mm, it is easy to set up: grab a piece of rope, make a terminal for attachment, insert the TRIMMER NUDE, make a stopping knot.
The load must be applied between the attachment point of the adjuster, and the rope going in behind the lever. Try it before using for real!
The Trimmer Nude is not a PPE, but there is a work positioning lanyard according to EN358 in different lengths (see TRIMMER, RESCUE TRIMMER).
High quality product, completely made in Italy!

Technical documents

Item codes

ItemStandardsLength (m)Rope diameter (mm)Length regulator
802080000KK802080000KK /

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