Kong Line + Harness Carbon Auto Block

Work rope with sewn terminal loops

Lanyard with terminal loops and rubber protection, made of EN1891 rope.
Available in various lengths (10, 15, 20 and 30 m).
Rope diameter 11mm.
Carbon steel carabiner mod. Harness Carbon Steel Auto Block (#435LR011PKK) included.

Lifetime and Inspections

Item codes

ItemStandardsMaterialSizeColourHole diameter (mm)
278SETL18KK278SETL18KK EN 354
//10 mWhite
278SETL66KK278SETL66KK EN 354
//15 mWhite
278SETL14KK278SETL14KK EN 354
//20 mWhite
278SETL29KK278SETL29KK EN 354
//30 mWhite

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