Double Aro Adventure Evo

Double Aro Adventure Evo

Nylon lanyard for use in adventure parks to connect the pulley Zip Evo to the harness. Made of 20 mm tape with twisted loops that allow a connection with a lark's foot knot to the harness and to the pulley.
Available in 3 lengths: 40, 52 and 69 cm.
Thickness of the sling increased to reduce the risk of use on the minor axis.
Load: 22 kN
High quality product completely developed and produced in Italy.

Conform to the requirements of the norm EN 17109 when used with mobile connecting devices with an opening of less than 6,2mm.

Perfect to be used with Kong Coudou Pro ZAZA system.

Usage activities

Item codes

ItemMaterialColourLength (cm)Width (mm)
2150040N1KK EN 354
EN 17109
2150052N1KK EN 354
EN 17109
2150069N1KK EN 354
EN 17109

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