Helmets accessories

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Long Visor

Helmet long visor that allows to cover t..

Bluetooth Communication System

Bluetooth communication system


Noise reduction 3M Peltor® earmuffs

Kosmos Cap

Removable cap specific for Kosmos helmet

Kosmos Ear Protection

Removable snap earmuff
Kong Mouse Adjustable Headband

Mouse Adjustable Headband

Adjustable headband specific for Mouse h..

Mouse Plates

Plates for headphones
Kong Mouse Reflective Stickers

Mouse Reflective Stickers

Reflective stickers for Mouse
Kong Mouse Work Internal Padding

Mouse Work Internal Padding

Internal padding specific for Mouse Work..

Net Visor

Matte black and polyamide mesh Peltor® v..
Kong Spin Internal Padding

Spin Internal Padding

Internal padding specific for Spin helme..
Kong Visor


Visor for helmet with mounting kit