Work Positioning Y-Lanyard

Y Positioning Lanyard for fall restraint.

Light weight aluminum snap hooks. 

It can be used with the BACK-UP according to ANSI and CSA standards.

Materials: 10000lb Nylon Webbing 

Size/Dimensions: 55,88 cm (22 inch) 

Meets or Exceeds: OSHA 1910 and 1926 ANSI Z359.3, ANSI Z359.12, CSA Z259.11

This product is available only in the following countries: USA

Item codes

ItemStandardsLength (m)Rope diameter (mm)Length regulator
9VP000022KK9VP000022KK OSHA 1910
OSHA 1926
ANSI Z359.3
ANSI Z359.12
CSA Z259.11
/55,88 cm630/No

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