Lifting system for inflatable boats (RIB)

Lifting system for inflatable boats

Lifting system for inflatable boats (RIB) made of a three-point lifting sling with rigging plate, additional bridle for fourth attachment point, and two 18” diameter loop straps.
Aluminum rigging plate spreads the load evenly and creates one attachment point for quick connecting.
Adjustable up to 11’-6” (inside leg) and 8’-6” (outside legs).
Additional bridle with 27” legs, 1-3/4” ring, and stainless quick release snap shackles for creating the fourth attachment point.
18” diameter straps used to connect to objects without attachment points.
Safe working load for system is 500 pounds (227 Kg).
Made in Italy.

Usage activities

Item codes

ItemStandardsMaterialLoad (Kgf)Size
220SET001KK220SET001KK /
Alu alloy
Stainless steel

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