NFC ready

The list of products equipped with NFC microchips, which allows the unique digital identification of the product, facilitating checks and inspection.

The presence of these Exteryo 4.0 NFC chips on many Kong PPE allows the unique digital identification of the product and offers the following advantages:

  • the chip also bears the serial code, which may otherwise become unreadable in certain circumstances. The chip keeps its contents intact even after being subjected to very significant stress
  • it enables quick readings of the unique code during all verification, inventory and maintenance steps, omitting the need to manually transcribe serial numbers. This, in addition to speeding up the process, drastically and reduces errors
  • it enables the use of PPE Management software that simplifies, expedites and organizes the management, inspection and conservation of your PPE

Kong partners with Exteryo 4.0 and recommends the adoption of Exteryo Safety PPE management system 4.0.

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