Jib Snap 330

marine bronze | High quality | Produced in Italy

Pressure die-cast Jib Snaps. These are made of steel bronze (softer material than the stainless steel of the stay), therefore they do not damage the stay at contact points (always the same when sailing). High quality product completely produced in Italy.

Usage activities

Item codes

ItemMaterialFinishingSize A (mm)Size B (mm)Size C (mm)
330400000XKMarine bronze
43 mm - 1.11/16 inch//
330500N00XKMarine bronze
34Nickel plated
53 mm - 2.3/32 inch//
330500000XKMarine bronze
53 mm - 2.3/32 inch//
330400N00XKMarine bronze
23Nickel plated
43 mm - 1.11/16 inch//
330300000XKMarine bronze
30 mm - 1.3/16 inch//
330600000XKMarine bronze
63 mm - 2.31/64 inch//
330300N00XKMarine bronze
10Nickel plated
30 mm - 1.3/16 inch//
330600N00XKMarine bronze
45Nickel plated
63 mm - 2.31/64 inch//

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