Informações básicas

    • Date of Birth: 28/02/1980
    • Hometown: I grew up in Sydney. My new, empty acre of land is nestled between Mt Arapiles and The Grampians in Australia. I spend most of my time in Europe and other parts of the world with my partner, Nathan Hoette. Usually, we set up “home” in a tent (or in a van, if we're really lucky), as close to a cliff as possible.
    • Favourite destination: Since I am always moving, Sydney itself has become a destination for me. I love to visit my family and friends back there, I miss them.

Redes Sociais

To me, the most impressive person at the crag is the one trying the hardest on their own project, whether that be 6a or 9a is irrelevant.

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Favourite Mountain

I love warm weather and wild Spring flowers and herbs.
My greatest passion is for climbing, so my favourite mountains are those with striking cliff lines, preferably with a long walk-in to reach them and overhanging limestone routes.


To me, the most impressive person at the crag is the one trying the hardest on their own project, whether that be 6a or 9a is irrelevant.
I love that a single cliff line can offer a wide range of route difficulty, often enabling beginners to climb alongside seasoned veterans.
It should go without saying, then, that an inflated ego is insufferable.

Favourite KONG Products

Aeron Flex – set up just how I like it.

Ovalone Auto Block – this was a surprise one. I tried it as a belay carabiner (on Nathan's recommendation) and it handles the job so well, keeping its orientation even when I'm sloppy. It's now my best pick for the job.

Panic – I just can't help myself, I even have both lengths!

Express Argon Wire– those gates are just so soft and easy to clip. Beautiful shape and function, plus the gates open and close forever.

Futura Hand – for when I'm on belay and my partner needs to boink. I can get up nice and high without stressing my finger joints pulling in on our skinny rope and, critically, without my heavier partner losing height.

Help – to clip into the Futura Hand for the above sporty manoeuvres. Also a handy combo if you want to shimmy up a rope to take photos :)

Accessory carabiners – have you noticed, the Kong ones open and close forever!

Skin Gloves – I always belay in gloves, even just to save skin. These are such a nice fit and they wear really well.

Shall I keep going?

Words to live by

Don't ever leave toilet paper behind! Just put it in a rubbish bag and take it away with you. While you're passing with the bag, why not pick up old bits of tape and cigarette butts too?

Please leave no trace behind.

Always be nice to other people, animals and plants.

Things that make me really happy

Discovering something new. It might be a place, culture, scent, taste, insect.
And of course, my man.

Favourite routes

The onsights where I just scraped through and the projects I never thought I'd finish.


When I realise a climb is within my reach, I tend to freak out a little - even to the point of avoiding that route. It can be hard to commit or to fail once you begin to have an expectation. I usually get back around to it (often with a shove from Nathan).
As a result, I have a very wide pyramid base, at least!

Three things I always pack

  • Way more food than is necessary, including a thermos of tea.
  • My Panics!
  • 3 pairs of climbing shoes