Par Secours Technique, nous entendons la partie du sauvetage qui n'est pas «sanitaire», pour laquelle des organisations spécifiques existent.  

Kong S.p.A. a toujours soutenu le monde du Secours Technique avec des produits spécifiques, aussi bien pour l'environnement «naturel» que «industriel». L'approche opérationnelle de ces mondes est également extrêmement différente, tout comme les formations proposées dans cette section. Certaines cours suivent des normes qui commencent à se dessiner au niveau international.

Industrial Rescue

Industrial Rescue L1

Training course is intended for workers who must learn the basic techniques for evacuating an injured person from metal structures (cranes, metal structures, scaffolding and pylons), or from places difficult to access and exit, more properly defined as "confined spaces" (16 hours)

Industrial Rescue L2

Training course intended for workers who, individually or in a company team, must learn the specific techniques for evacuating an injured person in industrial plants from non-standardized situations, including through the use of complex devices (16 hours)

Cableway evacuation

Training course for employees of companies that manage cableway installations for the transport of people (8 hours)

SAR Search and Rescue

Water Danger

Training course on water danger (8 hours)

Search and Rescue L1

Training course aimed at civil protection operators, in the staff of institutions or occasional, who want to give practical help and support to qualified professionals working in a scenery of disaster or public danger (16 hours)

Search and Rescue L2

Training course intended for civil protection operators in the staff of institutions, which, already having the skills provided in SAR L1 Low Angle, and having already had experience, intend to increase the baggage of purely technical skills (24 hours)

Search and Rescue L3

Training course for operators in research and aid SAR (40 hours)