Arianna Colliard

Date of Birth

No one in particular

Ivrea (TO)

Favorite Destination
Usually, the one where I have never been before!

Favorite Mountain
Mountain to climb, I do not feel prepared enough for saying... To admire, the Shivling! Even just for the magical atmosphere surrounding it.

Change point of view, see new places and go through others cultures. Diversify our own experiences is, in my opinion, the key to grow and to improve ourselves.

•    Moonlight Buttress, Zion National Park, USA
•    Plan B, Zion National, USA
•    Silverback, Zion National Park, USA
•    The Rostrum, Yosemite National Park, USA
•    Cloud Tower, Red Rocks National Park, USA
•    Legacy, Wenden, Switzerland
•    État de Choc, Petit Clocher du Portalet, Switzerland
•    Divine Providence, Pilier d'Angle, Mont Blanc
•    Le Voyage Selon Gulliver, Grand Capucin, Mont Blanc*
•    Via Lecco, Gran Capucin, Mont Blanc
•    10 Piani di Morbidezza, Sasso Cavallo
•    No Credit, Tofana di Rozes, Dolomites
•    Pressknödel, West Peak of Lavaredo, Dolomites
•    Tomahawk Dance, Orco Valley
•    Via della Rivoluzione, Orco Valley
* Without the last 2 pitches, wet at that time.

Proudest Moment in life
Well... by now, perhaps, getting to the Top of Mont Blanc, for the first time, passing through Divine Providence!

In my thesis and in my first documentary movie I had largely supported the cause of a sustainable tourism and a conscious feeding in those regions and cultures still little contaminated by the West, and, above all, in those mountain areas that are becoming popular due to mountaineering.

Favorite KONG products
The Argon quickdraws and carabiners, the Helmet Leef... And the Soul Ice-axes, super!!

Inspirations (other climbers)
Matteo Della Bordella, because he have believed in my possibilities much more than I ever could, showing me that if the mind is not prepared, it may be unnecessary to train the rest of the body...
And all those women, from Steph Davis and Sìlvia Vidal to Pamela Shanti Pack, who have distinguished themselves in some disciplines within climbing becoming, in style and skills, a benchmark for many.

Words to live by:
Come on, precise and determined! (cit. Mauro Zoppo)

Things that make me really happy
A trip away, just a little organized.
A sincere compliment from a person that I admire.
A nice pitch, maybe trad, sended onsight.
A good dinner after a nice route.

Favorite routes
The longest ones and on solid rock (better if granite), vertical or little overhanging, that contain different styles: some crack pitches, some moves on holds, a little of slab but not too much....

In life, so many. Some are reflected in climbing too, as a lack of confidence in myself, the inability to focus on one goal... And the memory!! I never remember the moves of a pitch, the pitches of a route... or how much challenging have been an approach!

Three Things I Always Pack
After food and water ....:
- The mini down jacket, that you never know
- A lip balm
- A sparkling candy Selz, possibly at lemon taste!

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