Gabriele Gorobey

Date of Birth:

SBISI (abbreviation of “sbisighin” from Trieste)

Trieste, Italy

Favorite Destination:
Wherever you may live a new adventure. The destination is only part of the journey!

Favorite Mountain:
I do not have a favorite mountain, but I undoubtedly love the healthy rock, although I have a soft spot for my home walls, like Mount Robon and the wall of Bila Pec - in Friuli Venezia Giulia - and all cliff that we are developing in Croatia…

If you think that the adventure is dangerous, try the routine. It is lethal. (cit. Paulo Coelho)
«se per te un sorriso è tutto
non c'è differenza tra vita o morte
c'è solo gioia
c'è solo amore
per chi lo sa capire
per l'animo puro ed il cuore aperto...
bisogna avere coraggio, lanciarsi, vivere
guardo indietro e amo tutto ciò che ho fatto
guardo avanti e ne voglio ancora
perchè per vivere mi basta un sorriso
il sole che splende
i miei amici
e un po' di musica»
(cit. Paola Chiaselotti)

8c+ worked and 8a+ on sight… By the time I love less and less the numbers, “climbing” talking. Behind every ascent, beyond the degree there is a story, which makes the achievement unique!

Proudest Moment in life:
The opening of my first multi-pitch, with Andrea Polo.

In climbing, the strong opposition to the route with chipped holds, improved or any kind of artificial; outdate practice but unfortunately not yet extinct.
In life, respect for all and a simple lifestyle close to nature.

Favorite KONG products:
GENIUS bag, rope clamp FUTURA HAND and DUCK, LEEF helmet, HORNET crash pad.

Inspirations (other climbers):
Many mountaineers and climbers of the past , with their stories and adventures and big enterprises. Of current I have great esteem for Nicolas Favresse, on his way to have fun, interpret the climb and enjoy this lifestyle...and David Lama for his versatility.

Words to live by:
Bon bon se fa!
Live and let live!
Then there would be more, but it is better not to mention them...hahahah!!!!!

Things that make me really happy:
Travelling with my friends and share with them new adventures. Cold beer after a hard vertical day.

Favourite routes:
Hard to say…all that I have done left something inside me... But perhaps those who have tracked, because behind them there is the work, the effort, the research of the methods, often doubt be able to do movements…and then when you go and you can climb it the satisfaction is immense!!!!

Different of course, but perhaps particularly for climbing, inconstancy the training on plastic (indoor).

Three Things I Always Pack:
-          headlamp
-          water
-          cereal bars strictly on offer to discount!!!

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