Política de privacidad

(personal data collected from the data subject)


We wish to inform you, pursuant to articles 13 and 14 of the 2016/679 European Regulation, also known as "General Data Protection Regulation" (hereafter "GDPR") concerning the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data, as well as free circulation of such data, that the information and data supplied by you or otherwise acquired within the scope of the services provided by KONG spa will beprocessed in compliance with the above mentioned provisions and the confidentiality obligations that govern the activities of our organization

By the processing of personal data, we mean any operation or set of operations, including carried out without the aid of electronic tools, concerning the collection, recording, organization, storage, consultation, processing, modification, selection, extraction, comparison, use, interconnection, blocking, communication, dissemination, deletion and destruction of data, even if not recorded in a database.


The purpose of this notice is to make known with complete transparency the purposes for which we might use your data, how we will manage it, whom it could be communicated to, where it could be transferred to (inside or outside the EU) and what your rights are.


Who processes your data

Your data will be processed by KONG spa as Data Controller.

In addition to KONG spa wehereby inform you that external managers are present at the processing of personal data which has been appropriately mapped, registered, contracted and nominated by KONG spa pursuant to the provisions of art. 28 of the GDPR. The list of external managers involved in the processing of personal data is available at the head office of KONG spa.

Because we need your data

KONG spa will use your data exclusively for the following purposes:

- Purposes related to the management of the contractual relationship and the provision of the Services: your Data will be processed for the following purposes: creation, management and termination of the contractual and commercial relationship including the provision of training courses to your employees; fulfilment of accounting and tax obligations; fulfilment of legal obligations; audits of a fiscal and accounting nature; management of disputes; provision, support, updating and information on the Services offered;

 - Purposes related to marketing activities and newsletters. With your specific consent, your data will be processed for the following purposes: sending newsletters, information on new products and / or training courses, sending advertising material, invitation to events and updates on company initiatives.

- Purposes related to recording and processing of images: with your express consent, the data you provide (for example: images taken as film and / or photographs, interviews during events organized by KONG spa in which you take part) will be used for promotion and enhancement of the corporate brand reputation of KONG spa. 

KONG spa will carry out the processing

- Based on your Consent
- because it is required for the contractual obligations referred to in point 1
- because it is required to meet the legal obligations to which you are subject (e.g. accounting, salary, social security obligations);
- because processing is required in order to pursue a legitimate interest.

It follows that the provision of personal data is strictly necessary for the purposes referred to in point 1.

Any failure to provide the data will make it impossible to achieve the purposes previously stated and thus to pursue the contractual relationship.

 Purposes 2 and 3 do not derive from a legal obligation and the granting of the relevant consent is optional.

The entity concerned and the adequacy of the data provided will be assessed from time to time, in order to arrive at the resulting decisions and to prevent the processing of data in excess of the purposes pursued.

KONG spa undertakes not to use your personal data for any purpose other than those described in this notice, unless you are informed in advance and, where necessary, your consent has been obtained.

How we will use your data

KONG spa has as its objective the protection of its customers’ data,and thus to make sure that data processing is carried out in accordance with the principles of correctness, lawfulness and transparency. We therefore inform you that your Personal data will be processed, through the use of tools and procedures designed to ensure maximum security and confidentiality, using archival and hard copy, with the aid of digital media and information technology systems.

We would like to remind you that you may exercise a right of objection which, unless otherwise stated by you, can be notified by either traditional or automated communication methods.


The length of time for we will store your data:

Your personal data will be stored for a period not exceeding the period necessary for achievement of the purposes for which it was collected and subsequently processed. Personal data will be stored for the entire duration of the contract you have concluded, as well as for a subsequent period, in accordance with the following criteria:

- within the final dates stipulated by the current legislation;
- within the final date stipulated by secondary legislation that requires the storage of data (for example, tax declarations);
- within the period necessary to protect the rights of the data controller in the event of any disputes related to provision of the service.

In any case, the maximum data storage time is estimated to be 10 years from the date of termination of the relationship.

Will we share your DATA WITH any other entities?

For the purposes stated above ("Because we need your data"), your Data may be communicated to third parties in order to meet obligations deriving from the law, regulations, community regulations or in relation to the management and performance of the contractual relationship.

For all the purposes indicated in this statement, your Data may also be communicated abroad, both inside and outside the European Union, in compliance with the rights and guarantees provided for by current legislation, subject to verification that the country concerned has in place an "adequate" level of protection.

The Data will also be processed by internal personnel of KONG spa who will be appropriately trained and who will operate as personnel authorized to process the Data.

Access to the archived Data may only be by public authorities, in the cases and methods provided for by the laws in force, in the event of litigation.

Your Personal data will not be subject to disclosure.


What are your rights?

At any time, you will have the right to request:

- access to your personal data;
- Its rectification if it is inaccurate;
- cancellation;
- Restriction of the processing of your data.

You will also have:

- the right to object to its processing;
- the right to its portability, i.e. to receive, in a structured format, in common use and readable by automatic device, the personal data you have provided.

We will deal with your request with the utmost diligence, in order to ensure that you are able to exercise your rights effectively. Finally, you will have the right to lodge a complaint with the National Supervisory Authority (Privacy Guarantor).

For full information on the rights of the data subject, please see Chapter III of the GDPR.


Can you revoke your consent once given?

Yes, you can revoke your consent at any time; however, you may not do so if it would:

- Impede the lawfulness of the processing based on the consent given before the revocation;
- Impede further processing of the same data on other legal grounds (for example, contractual obligations or legal obligations to which KONG spa is subject


The identification details of the Data Controller for the purpose of processing the data provided by you are as follows:

KONG spa in the person of its legal representative, Mr. Marco Bonaiti - with head office in Monte Marenzo (LC), via XXV Aprile, 4 tel. 0341.630506 E-mail: info@kong.it-with whom you may get in touch at any time, in order to exercise the rights provided by the GDPR and listed above in detail.


The Data Controller
KONG spa


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Normativa europea


Comité técnico de equipo de alpinismo


  • definiciónEN 564Cuerdas auxiliares

    Cuerda o cable textil con alma y funda, con un diámetro nominal de entre 4 y 8 mm y estudiada para sostener cargas, pero no para disipar la energía de caída.

  • definiciónEN 565Cintas

    Cinta de material textil.

  • definiciónEN 566Anillos de cinta
    Cinta, cuerda auxiliar o cable unida sobre sí misma mediante costura u otros métodos de fijación.
  • definiciónEN 567Bloqueadores

    Dispositivo mecánico que, cuando esté fijado a un cable o cuerda auxiliar de diámetro adecuado, se bloquea bajo carga en una dirección, mientras que se desliza libremente en la dirección contraria.

  • definiciónEN 568Anclajes para hielo

    Anclaje introducible en el hielo mediante atornillamiento o con un martillo y que se pueda retirar después del uso.

  • definiciónEN 569Pitones
    Equipo capaz de ofrecer un anclaje cuando se introduce en una fisura de la roca mediante un martillo o similares.
  • definiciónEN 892Cuerdas dinámicas
    Cuerda textil, con alma y funda, capaz de detener la caída libre de un hombre que practica alpinismo o escalada generando una fuerza de impacto limitada.

    Cuerda simple:
    Cuerda dinámica para alpinismo que se puede usar de manera individual, como elemento de la cadena de seguridad, para detener la caída de una persona

    Cuerda doble:
    Cuerda dinámica para alpinismo capaz de parar la caída de una persona cuando se utiliza en pareja como elemento de la cadena de seguridad.

    Cuerda gemela:
    Cuerda dinámica para alpinismo capaz de parar la caída de una persona cuando se utiliza en pareja paralela.
  • definiciónEN 893Crampones

    Dispositivo con puntas que cubre la suela de una bota, desde la punta hasta el tacón, y de un lado a otro, garantizando el agarre sobre nieve, hielo y terreno mixto. Además, cuenta con un sistema de fijación a la bota.

  • definiciónEN 958Sistemas de disipación de energía para uso en escalada Via Ferrata

    Equipo con dos o más puntos de fijación utilizado en caso de caída para reducir la fuerza de impacto en el anclaje y en el escalador colgado al mismo.

  • definiciónEN 959Anclajes para roca
    Dispositivo de anclaje con un ojal en el que se puede fijar un conector al que asegurarse introduciéndolo en un orificio taladrado en la roca y fijándolo mediante encolado o expansión.
  • definiciónEN 12270Cuñas
    Cuerpo en forma de cuña no regulable para ser encajado en las fisuras de la roca y capaz de sostener una carga en el eje longitudinal de la fijación.
  • definiciónEN 12275Mosquetones

    Mecanismo abrible que permite al alpinista conectarse, directa o indirectamente, a un anclaje.

  • definiciónEN 12276Anclajes mecánicos
    Cuerpo en forma de cuña regulable para ser encajado en las fisuras de la roca y capaz de sostener una carga en el eje longitudinal de la fijación.
  • definiciónEN 12277Arneses
    Conjunto de cintas, dispositivos de regulación u otros elementos que envuelven el cuerpo sujetándolo en una posición colgada.
  • definiciónEN 12278Poleas

    Una o varias garruchas montadas en un bloque, o en un envoltorio, que se pueden utilizar para conectar un cable o una cuerda auxiliar con el fin de proteger a un alpinista y reducir el roce cuando el cable o la cuerda se mueve con carga.

  • definiciónEN 12492Cascos para montañeros

    Equipo que se lleva en la cabeza con el fin de absorber parte de la energía de impacto en caso de caída o de caída de objetos, reduciendo por tanto el riesgo de lesiones en la cabeza.

  • definiciónEN 13089Piolets
    Herramienta para llevar a mano, concebida para moverse por la nieve y/o el hielo, que se puede utilizar como punto de anclaje. Incluye al menos un mango y una punta.
  • definiciónEN 15151-1Descensor semi-automático
    Dispositivo con una geometría capaz de amplificar la fuerza de frenado cuando aplicamos fuerza a un extremo libre de la cuerda. Con la simple fuerza de la mano podemos llegar a detener el descenso.
  • definiciónEN 15151-2Descensor Manual
    Dispositivo controlado manualmente aplicada al extremo libre de la cuerda, que produce una fuerza amplificada en la cuerda activa de forma continua y reversible, de modo que cuando la fuerza en el extremo libre de la cuerda se reduce a cero, el efecto de frenado se convierte en insignificante.