Rope Access Worker Module A

Operators involved in Rope Access System;
operators involved in Rope Access System (subsequently they will have to also attend the supervisors module)
Any other individuals concerned such as employers, freelancers, security staff and inspectors. . 

Provide the necessary skills (knowledge and ability), for carrying out Rope Access work.

Reference legislation
Risk analisys and assessment
Specific P.P.E. for Rope Access
Theory of anchors and spittings
Type of work on ropes
Operating procedures and techniques
Risks and rope protection methods
Work organisation 
First aid and rescue procedures 
Movement on fixed access lines
Application of positioning techniques
Access to workplaces under safety conditions
Positioning of anchors
Execution of drop lines and descents
Execution of operational techniques on the basis of the position of the work stations, application of lifting techniques, positioning and drop lining of materials, application of evacuation and rescue techniques
Final test.

A qualifying certificate is issued upon successful completion of the course and test.